The Bling Corp Ltd


Jeremy Hammonds Southern Ohio native. The first word I learned to spell was SALE. I grew up around strong women and behind the cutting board measuring fabric and taking care of customers with my mamaw at the age of 13. I worked on and off in our family business until we had to shut down in 2004. At 16 I started at our local Ponderosa as a dishwasher and worked my way through every position in the Restaurant. At 18 I joined their Mgt. team and was sent to Columbus o open several franchise buffet’s. At 20 I took assistant Mgr position in Jackson, Ohio and did some traveling for the company. I was with the company from 96-04. Not continuously but I worked there a few times. In 05 after I lost my mamaw the women who raised me. I picked up myself and our family dogs and all I had left and moved North. I started at Ruby Tuesday in 05 as Server/Bartender until I moved back in 09. I was very lucky to get a job with Cameron Mitchells restaurants It was the fine Dinning of Columbus. While in Columbus I also worked for Dish Network as a CSR 3 and TSR 3. Where I handeled customer and technical issues. I left there when I headed back to Southern, Ohio and was lucky to build a relationship with my mother until she passed in 2010. I got married in 2012 and am currently going through a hard divorce. That union allowed me to have 2 of the smartest and sweetest fur babies. I have Beatrice Sue she is 6 and we literally  rescued Bernadette Lou out of the middle of the road. It was such a sad sight. Her hair had turned into a matted mess that had to protect her. In 2015 I was hit with the first of 3 Heart attacks and at 35 and I ended up with a pacemaker, Recently another blow to my health at the end of stage 3 Kidney Failure. Life’s a battle and if you don’t fight back she will run you over. In 2014 I had a friend who lost her newborn and they couldn’t a stone, So, I created my first memorial stone and it got shared and people started ordering pet stones, memorial stones, Stones with Sports logo and Last name on granite. The granite is big, heavy and hard to work with. I haven’t made anything recently but I do have a couple orders I need to start for some old friends. I’ve been with Sportsbling on my 2nd year and I have recently been promoted to Director of Operations, I handle all orders, customer service, If you have messaged us. Then, you have spoke with me. I’m looking forward to what this new position can bring to my life. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. My hopes is that the future is bright and I will work and grow with Sportsbling and Jeremy Rocks. On facebook it’s cstonec/ or Custom Stone Creations if you would like to take a look at it.

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